The Author

My book (!) is out.  It represents roughly a decade of my life, though not, I should add, a decade of work. I started my PhD in 2000, finished it in 2005, submitted a revised version to Ashgate in I think 2007, and completed the final revisions early this year.  So, with a publication date of November 2010, my book (!!) really began ten years ago.

The book is called Verse and Poetics in George Herbert and John Donne. It's about two seventeenth-century poets and their commitment to poetry as a culturally and theologically privileged mode of expression. If you want to read more about it, the best place is the publisher's own website, though personally I find it more thrilling to view it on Amazon.

PS An e-version was also published, but an online search suggests that the author of the ebook is not in fact me but someone called (much more excitingly) Cecilie Vindal Odegaard. I assume this is someone who works for Ashgate, but I'm also thinking seriously about assuming it as my own nom de plume.