Lines to live by

I like a good aphorism.  I have a collection of them on post-its festooning my (ye olde) PC at work, and I added one today that I thought was worth a mention, though Google hasn't yet provided me with a source. Anyway it's this: “Live not for things but for the meaning of things.” I liked it because I think it describes my natural habit of mind as well as the way I want to live.

Just because, here are some of the others:

“Well begun is half done.” - Horace. Very useful for getting me to start things.

“Deep versed in books, and shallow in himself.” - Milton. A good reminder to keep it real.

“Nothing is more human than a book.” - Marilynne Robinson.  How true.  

“A faithful study of the liberal arts humanises character and permits it not to be cruel.” - Ovid. Take that, science!

I also have a fat book of Quotations on my desk from which I regularly refresh myself.  Pearls in the tea of my working life.