The bright end of my voice

For International Women's Day, this from Persian poet Shadab Vajdi. 

Wait for Me 

And I become alive again
Outside the confines of my body,
Beyond the misery of want,
Among the fruit-laden branches
Within a moment,
Itself begotten by the sun;
And in the shelter of a bush
That carried the pure fragrance of love
To the boundless plains;
And my eyes,
Not a pair of mute spheres,
But flames of quest;
And my hands,
Two guiding sails
Speeding towards the green land of lovers;
And my soul, my heart

Wait for me
Along the blue line of the horizon
That leads the silver path of the moon
To the glittering fountains of stars,
And by the waterfalls of dawn
At the moment when the sun rises
And draws the threads of light
From one branch to another,
Carrying them like grains
Deep inside the nests
Where the chicks,
With desire for light and sky,
Are cheeping,

Wait for me
At the bright end of my voice
That from above the mysteries of the galaxies
Flows down to the earth
To be absorbed by the buds of growth
And to give the slumberers of the gardens
Tidings of sunshine and life. 
Wait for me;
I will become alive again.